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Gum diseases are not to be ignored. Chances are if you’re searching around to find information and you’ve experienced some discomfort you’re going to want to see a specialist. Bleeding and swollen gums are due to your gums being infected with bacteria which leads to gum diseases. If the infection spreads, it can destroy the structures in your jawbone. Eventually, your teeth may become so bad that they have to be extracted. Gum diseases are also often referred to as periodontal diseases.

Dental plaque is responsible for the bacteria in the mouth. Good dental hygiene and daily brushing and flossing can help keep plaque removed and reduce the amount of ongoing bacteria in the mouth. When oral hygiene is not practiced, the plaque and bacteria build up in the mouth. Eventually it can also build up into areas that are very difficult to reach, which is why regular cleanings are highly recommended.gum diseases

If left untreated the bacteria can continue to grow, and destroy the structures that keep teeth healthy and in place near the jawbone. Additionally, over time the plaque can harden and become calcified, making it especially difficult to remove. This is why regular cleanings and checkups are so crucial to your dental health. The more often you come in to see a specialist and get your teeth cleaned, the easier the process is and the more healthy your mouth will feel!

Lastly, good nutrition is key to healthy gums. Nutrition is of course important for overall health, but it has a direct impact on your teeth and gums and is a critical component of avoiding gum diseases. Sugary foods tend to expedite the bacterial growth and plaque buildup, especially sugary foods and drinks. Reducing processed sugars from your diet, and ensuring you have a proper amount of vitamin C in your diet is also incredibly helpful in avoiding gum diseases.

If you’re feeling discomfort or unpleasant feelings in your gums, especially when you brush or floss, you should make an appointment with a specialist. Dr. Zoutendam is a trained dentist that can help you with potential gum diseases.

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